„Illness is, when within the orchestra of your body the third violinist has lost his notes.

Often then medicine tries to take away the musician, Sound can instead remind him of his partiture."


sessions & treatments


I give sessions in Sound-supported body- & energy work & psychotherapy, as well as vocal Coaching for self healing processes.

Sound-based interventions can be toning onto your system, physical touch accompanied by toning, or me guiding and supporting your own toning. All of these planes can be present within one and the same session,  according to your needs and what shows up during the work.

  • Sound-based body work

Out of nearly 3 decades of experience in different stiles of bodywork (classical swedish massage, Joint Release®, Esalen Massage®, trad. Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Breathwork according to I.Middendorf, shamanic cristal work & o.) I can draw on rich ressources of mindful somatic interventions. Following your wishes and needs (w/wo clothes, w/wo oil, tender or deep touch) I thus can induce deep relaxation, balance and wellbeing.

In toning with my voice I have found a medium that can amplify the effects of touch independent of stile or technique. Sound reaches deeper into your system than a physical touch could ever go, and it reminds the body parts of their ability to oscillate (which is another expression for health). By the combination of Sound and touch tense muscles can "melt" faster and more thoroughly than by touch itself.

Also the Sound work can open up new layers of transformational process: A somatic symptom usually is connected to an unprocessed emotion or a topic of the psyche, which through Sound can reveal itself and be heard. Often this appreciation already is a key to the solution, other it leads you into a deeper plane of emotional work.

60 min. €60,-      90 min. €75,- 

  • energetic SonarMassage

Our Somatic or psychological issues are reflected in our energy field, and show correlations with energy centers (Chakras), and pathways (meridians) being over- or undercharged, or imbalances between our right ("male", expressive, linear) and left ("female", receptive) side of the body.

In a Sonarmassage session you lie dressed on a massage table and I tone (usually accompanied by laying on of hands) onto your Chakras, joints and organs, in order to induce balance and to melt blockages, so that your self healing powers can flow freely again.

60 min. €60,-

  • Vocal Coaching

In this colaboration I offer my aural perception and my therapeutic experience in guiding & supporting your vocal expression & self healing processes.

You work on a somatic or psychological issue with the Sound of your voice. I accompany and guide your process by touch and suggestiions around Sound, breath and active inner dialogue with the issue.

60 min. €60,-