the swinging brain

Sound, nervous system & energy field

From a shamanic point of view our brain is way more comparable to a radio receiver than to a computer, but that may be left an open question...

Neurobiology finds the brain working with and on a multitude of bioelectric frequencies, and also reacting sensitively to vibrations from the outside, may that be Sound, light or other electromagnetic fields.

In this seminar you will learn about special Sounds and frequencies, energy work practices and meditation techniques, that

  • effectively cleanse and calm the mind
  • foster creativity & concentration
  • stimulate neuronal networking
  • induce deep relaxation
  • catalyse self healing
  • counteract on stress & depression

Once learned, all exercises are really easy to practice and take effect within minutes.

Your nervous system will get sheer pleasure out of these transformational tools!

duration: one day
costs: € 70,- /reductions on request
next dates: see here