the Tantra of Sound

Connectedness through Sound

You can be centered and grounded, yet permeable and receptive for the subtlest energies at the same time. Just by sounding your voice you can connect more deeply to yourself & others than ever possible through words...

You don’t need musicality or singing skills for this. All you need to bring is the openness to experience your voice anew as an original, nonverbal means of relating and healing.

In this workshop you can experience how to utilize Sound for improving your relation to yourself & enhance your abilities to connect to other beings on different (frequency) levels. Sounds far out? Let me try to explain:

Why "the Tantra of Sound"?

On a practical level Tantric practice aims at the refinement of senses, at enhancing the amount & liberating the flow of energy in your body-soul system, in order to become more able to joyfully dance with Life, no matter how it presents itself in a given moment. Sound can be a powerful medium for achieving this. As all existence ultimately consists of vibrations, everything has its own unique sound, its resonating frequency. By learning to consciously step into resonance with these vibrations you expand your possibilities of creating harmony & growth in your life.

In a more mystical sense Tantra & Sound are actually the same thing. One translation of the word Tantra is the web, meaning an ethereal tissue that interconnects all creation. In this view the Tantric path is about consciously sustaining this sense of connectedness in your everyday life. And then, Nada Brahma ("Everything is Sound") reminds us how all creation consists of & is pervaded by Sound vibrations... - But back to earth:

What can you expect?

In this workshop we work  intensively with our energy body, especially with the main 7 Chakras, & explore how they can be balanced & stimulated by Sound, and how they actually function as "interfaces" to the world around us.

Working on your own field first sets the foundation for connecting to other beings. Relation can only take place if there is "someone at home" in you, so you are aware of your space & your contact boundary. Without losing yourself in confluence, you can experience how 1 + 1 = 3, as in true contact a space opens up that is bigger than the two of you.

You will then learn in partner exercises how to utilize breath, Sound & intentional energy movement in order to intensify, direct & raise the energy between yous on a higher level.

By the end of the day you will bring this sensual refinement to a first tryout of Sonarmassage, which combines light physical touch with vocal toning into a mutually healing sensual experience.

The whole journey is a somewhat white Tantra thing & we stay dressed throughout the whole workshop.

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