the medicine of your voice

the SonarYoga basic course

- Find inner freedom, joy and healing by mindfully toning your voice -
Everything is vibration. And everthing has its Sound: its audible resonant frequency.
Your liver vibrates on a different tune than your left knee. Sadness has a different Sound signature than anger or joy. If you learn to listen, your body becomes an orchestra.
In this view illness is nothing but a loss of the original frequency (or the ability to oscillate). By applying the appropriate Sound vibrations ill parts can be encouraged to find back to their natural movement.
"the third ear" is a weekend course during which you will learn & experience the basic techniques of self-healing with your voice.

If you are curious to hear the resonating frequencies of each part and organ of your body, if you want ot learn to instantly balance yourself just by sounding your voice, you should come along on this unique journey into the realms of vibration.

SonarYoga is mindful application of vocal Sound on body, mind, and soul - combined with breath- & energy work. And anyone with the ability to speak has enough voice to succesfully use it for:

  • gaining adeeper connection with yourself and others
  • regulating moods
  • integrating blocked emotions
  • gaining bodily flexibility
  • catalysing self healing

Many Sound applications (like gongs or singing bowls) work well with set frequencies. Yet the true potential of our voice lies in its adjustability to any given resonance, and in its carrying of our intention – our power to manifest.

In order to experience the transformational qualities of vocal Sound you need a refined ability of inner listening, what the Sufis call „the third ear“ - which is what we will train mainly in this workshop. You will learn to „hear“ your body parts and emotions, so you can adress them with the Sound of your voice. You will learn about vowel-spaces, resonance and entrainment as principles of Sound Healing, and begin to apply mindful toning for melting muscle tensions or blocked emotions.

In the end you can take your most powerful personal Sounds recorded as your individual „tuning forks“ back into your life.

The group is for beginners, you need neither experience in Soundwork nor any musical or vocal talent / education.

    • Format:        Fri 19:30-22:00 / Sat & Sun  10:30-17:30
    • Costs:            € 160,- (if money is an issue talk to me & we'll find a solution)
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