Sound can do. A lot.

It touches us on all planes of our existence: bodily, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

It is the perfect medium for interconnecting all, and for inducing transformation on any of these planes.

SonarYoga is the mindful application of vocal Sound on body, mind & soul, in order to gain:

  • refined perception & awareness
  • connectedness with oneself & others
  • emotional balance & centeredness
  • enlightenment & joy
  • relaxation & flexibility
  • health & self healing
  • harmony with life

current events


<<< currently suspended >>>




Online Live

Wednesday Wibes - vocal energy work

Interactive online-workshops for more energy, resilience & joie de vivre

every second Wednesday 19:30-21:00 CET


Online on demand

<available any time auf Zoho Showtime>

  • coming soon: Vocal Chakra Balancing (english)   105min / €15,-


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The workshops listed here are held in english. You can find workshops in german here

All events take place in 12045 Berlin, unless otherwise stated.


Feel invited to contact me if you are interested in a certain workshop, but miss a next date or the listed date doesn't suit you.